Simplified Design / Smart Features / Zero Radiation / High Efficiency and Low Power Consumption / Portable and Stylish


At Home

Place the iNPOFi in any room in your home
so that you can power up while you wind

At the Office

Powering up at the office can be as simple
as putting your smartphone down on your
desk, conference room table, or wherever
you need it most.

On The Go

Never get caught without power again. This
portable backup battery supports both Micro-
USB and Apple 30-pin Connectors to charge
just about any smartphone and power you
up wherever you are.


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Be empowered with iNPOFi: additional battery support

We also provide a wireless charging board that comes with extra battery support. This charging board will work in the same way as the non-battery version, but with a bonus. When you’re away from a power plug or a USB connection, you can still wirelessly charge your phone from your charging board.

Simply place your phone on the charging board and it will transfer the stored battery power to your phone or device. It acts as a reserve battery support for those times you’re away from an electricity supply or USB connection. In other words, with iNPOFi, you never need to worry about losing your battery power again.

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