Product - 1. iNPOFi Wireless Charging Board

Product description

Powered by the patented technologies, iNPOFi wireless charging board, combined with the compatible charging case/cover, brings you a taste of the future of wireless. Simply secure your phone with the compatible case/cover and place on the charging board to start charging wirelessly: no more hassle of removing/reconnecting the phone to the tangled wires. The wireless charging generates ZERO radiation with high-energy efficiency and rapid charging. The USB compatibility expands the power source. The unique smart protection features automatically protect against over-heating and power surges, so it does not affect the battery lifespan. The ultra lightweight and elegant design brings you pride to power up anytime, anywhere.

Board Specification?
Input? 5.0V=1A
Dimension: 150*85*5 mm
Weight: approx. 90g

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    Brushed Grey

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    Brushed Charcoal

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    Brushed Rose Gold

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